snapp! is a program where girls can learn to honor themselves and other girls for who they are individually.

Our mission is to ADVOCATE for a foundation of empowerment, grit and resiliency in young females. Knowledge is power, and so is the process of developing a strong sense of self, community, sisterhood and self-efficacy.This is done through learning how to NAVIGATE collaboratively with effective coping skills in various relationships. With the support of community and each other, this group will work to foster hope and optimism while building positive change and a willingness to share an authentic self. A strengths-based philosophy and mentorship propels young women to PERSEVERE through puberty and develop a PURPOSE, to stand tall together, and find inner greatness.


What is snapp! all about?

snapp! is a place where young girls can be authentic, celebrate differences, and find their inner greatness.

The overall methodology combines a strengths-based philosophy with positive psychology to create an approach that focuses on purpose, empowerment, perseverance, hope, optimism, collaboration, and potential among others.

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